For me, mentoring is communication – an exchange of knowledge and insights. When it’s good, it’s fully attuned to what a person most needs at that time. At the very least it offers a sympathetic ear – someone who is making time to listen to you.
— Melanie Abrahams

One-To-One Sessions

Melanie offers one-to-one sessions to artists, practitioners and creative businesses.

2018 - 2019: part II of project Mentoring Three Ways which offers one-to-ones to artists and practitioners working in literature around England.

2018: mentor for Tell Yours, a storytelling project by Filotico Arts.

2016: From January to December , I gave 50 one-to-one mentoring sessions to artists and practitioners around England as part of a wider project, Mentoring Three Ways, which also included careers talks.


July 2018: Guest speaker at the Brontë Parsonage Parsonage

March 2018: Guest speaker at Caribbean Feminisms, Diasporic Identities

Jan 2018: Guest speaker at Tell Yours

Feb - April 2017: Guest speaker at Creative and Cultural Skills Annual Conference and Narrating the Caribbean Nation - Peepal Tree Conference.

2010 - 2016: Visiting Speaker and Guest Lecturer at venues and universities including Birkbeck ( MA in Theatre and Arts Producing), Royal Society of Literature, Bath Spa University, London Metropolitan Archives, Roehampton University, Common Purpose, University of Kingston, University of Leicester, University of Nottingham, Apples and Snakes, Rich Mix and Writing West Midlands (National Writers Conference).

Testing Ground (initiator and curator)

Testing Ground (2015 and 2016) was a series of industry panels offering forums for artists and practitioners to gain feedback on their ideas and projects and one-to-one mentoring over three months.