John Agard, Poet

Melanie is an able communicator who has a passion for literature, both written and the spoken word. She has demonstrated leadership in her conception and strategic planning of large-scale events…

Her openness to cultural changes, keeps her responsive and attuned to fresh and relevant expressions of the imagination.


Amir Amirani, Film-maker

Melanie is very entrepreneurial in spirit, and her ideas are innovative and engaging. I believe these are qualities and skills that have helped her reach her current position and which will propel her to greater heights.


Crista Ermiya, Writer

Having Melanie as a mentor opened up possibilities for me that I wouldn’t have considered previously. Being able to access someone with whom to discuss issues was incredibly useful, and I’ve learnt valuable lessons about communication, utilising advocates, and leading on change. She provided well-structured sessions that were flexible to my needs. It opened up a space for myself where I can be honest about what I really want – and what steps I need to take.